Promoters (Download pdf)
Composition of Board & Committees (Download pdf)
Prospectus (Download pdf)
Annual Report - 2015 - 2016 (Download pdf)
Annual Report - 2014 - 2015 (Download pdf)
BM Intimation & Closure of Trading Window (Download pdf)
Financial Results-Qtr&Year ended 31.03.2016 (Download pdf)
Notice - Closure of Trading Window - CFL 30092016 (Download pdf)
Outcome Of Board Meeting (Download pdf)
Shareholding Pattern - 30.06.2016 (Download pdf)
Shareholding Pattern - 30.09.2016 (Download pdf)
Shareholding Pattern - 31.12.2016 (Download pdf)
Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2016 (Download pdf)
Intimation of BM 26.05.2017 (Download pdf)
Unaudited Financial Results 31 Dec 2016 (Download pdf) 
Unaudited Financial Results for 30.06.2016 (Download pdf) 
Quarterly Financial Results 31st Dec 2015 (Download pdf) 
Financial Results 31.03.2017 (Download pdf) 
CFL Outcome of Board Meeting of Board Meeting (Download pdf) 
Heading-Fair Disclosure-SEBI PIT 2015 (Download pdf) 
Code of Conduct (Download pdf)
Familiarisation Programmes for Independent Directors (Download pdf)
Terms and Conditions of appointment of Independent directors (Download pdf)
Related Party Transaction Policy (Download pdf)
Whistle Blower Policy (Download pdf)
AGM Voting Results 2016 (Download pdf)
Intimation of Book Closure (Download pdf)
CFLMaterialEventDisclosure (Download pdf)
Code of Conduct & Internal Procedures: (Download pdf)
Postal Ballot Voting Results 12.02.2017 (Download pdf)
Corporate Events (Download pdf)
Closure of Trading Window Q3 - 27.01.2017 (Download pdf)
Closure of Trading Window Q4 - 31.03.2017 (Download pdf)
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Registered Office & Manufacturing facilities (Download pdf)
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